Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks-Fashion World

The second week of January and the awards season is just beginning. We just had the Golden Globes where there was a lot of sparkles which I love but also such low cuts in front that I was really hoping  for some flash. I am sick of fake boobs coming out of barely there dresses that, if it was shown in 3D, we would be ducking. This brings me to this week's theme ...The Fashion World which is big time stuff for Hollywoodland.(or should I say Hollyweed:)) I am savings The Devil Wears Prada for another time but do expect it to be popular this week. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone else has picked. Onward to my 3....


This is a wonderful musical that, not only showcases Rita Hayworth's dazzling beauty, but her excellent dancing. Gene Kelly, as Danny McGuire( check out Xanadu) owns a Brooklyn club with Hayworth as his girlfriend and Phil Silvers as his beat friend. Hayworth has the chance to leave the nightclub scene and become the new Covergirl and fashion icon but this would mean leaving her boyfriend...what will she do?? Hayworth plays 2 roles, that of the girlfriend and her grandmother from the 1890's flashback. This also has an amazing dance by Gene Kelly where he is dancing with his conscience in an amazing trick photography but needed to be perfect since Gene Kelly was technically dancing with himself.

2. FUNNY FACE-1957

Yup, another musical but I just love them there:) This stars the great Audrey Hepburn as a bookish young woman, with an amazing face, who is reluctantly caught up as the new fashion face for their magazine etc... She is "found" by the famed photographer, Dick Avery, played by the equally great and debonair Fred Astaire (based on real life photographer Richard Avedon) who whisks her off along with the magazine editor (The great Kay Thompson) to Paris to become a famous model. Dancing ensues, we see great fashion and of course there is romance between Hepburn and Astaire(much to Astaire's chagrin since he was much older). It is s'wonderful and delightful.


OK so not  a great trailer for this film but still gives just enough. Laura mars, played by Faye Dunaway, is a fashion photographer who suddenly can see through the eyes of a serial killer. She contacts the police and Tommy Lee Jones plays the cop who recognizes that the scenes closely resemble that of her fashion photographs. Soon people she works with as well as friends become victims and she, herself, is being stalked. I enjoyed this film even though it is not a great one by any means, I thought it was tense and freaky....and nope, not a musical:)

Which 3 can you come up with?

Richard Avedon Fashion photograph

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017...What Will Be Will Be

So, We are already on January 10th and people have been asking me if I have made any New Year's resolutions which I have not and will not because it bugs me, that's why. Hell, I am still chowing down on all the goodies from Christmas. If I want to make a resolution, I may do this on February 2nd or March 11th because I can:)

I have taken down almost all the Christmas decorations except for my Santa's which will be done tonight. I have watched some movies already, the most recent being Road To Morocco which I enjoyed (I love all those road pictures). I can't wait to see La-La land and Rogue One in the theatre.

I have been thinking of what new thing I could do in January that I have not done before...a new recipe, something new I have not done with my cards, go somewhere new like a museum or some attraction and then my dear friend, V.J., called from Vancouver. He was thinking the same thing so he's going to Borneo and hike in the tropical forests and stay in hostels. He leaves this Sunday and will be gone for 2 weeks there and then heads off to Thailand to spend time with his boy toy, um, I mean partner(VJ is 51 and his partner is 25) for 2 more weeks before heading home. Remember, I am thinking about a new recipe....if I could I would have  gone through the phone to just slap him because...well, just because:) He then had the nerve to ask me what's new and what plans do I have this year. I'll be happy to find a new top for under $10! I tell ya, I am one exciting gal.

I do have goals-organize pictures, make scrapbooks, play board games with friends, plus some others but we shall see. I may also belong to the Johnny LaRue school of exercise, you know, open fridge, bend down, pick up beer, close fridge.

Actually, I am really happy for VJ and want to see plenty of pictures and I hope he gets to see orangutans who have the right body colour and hair style compared to the one entering the Oval office.  Now for some fun..

What am I wearing?....Clothes and 40lbs of fat
Favourite Colour? Blue of course, Blue Skies are a calling. Hey, Think of some songs with Blue in the title and I will give each a listen.
My Spirit Animal?  Wolf (Were you expecting the duck-billed platypus??)
Favourite Movie? Oh please, you should know (Jimmy Stewart is the star)
Loves?...Animals, Film, books, talking, TV, walking, pictures, glitter, art, creating cards, music, seducing men, wearing spandex, eating worms...did you read this far??:)

Sorry for being long winded but I felt like blabbing like an idiot. Oh, I did watch the Golden Globes and they were great...

Yes, she's gorgeous but how many looked at her face first? There were many globes out there that night....

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks- Legal Thrillers

A new year and another round of films to entertain or bore you:) There are many films that take place in the court room but many are not thrillers so I tried to stay on this thriller genre. So you pick 3 films that corresponds to the theme each week and you can find that list over at the host, Wandering Through The Shelves. I dare ya to join:) Here are my 3....


I love this film and find it brilliant in its style creating suspense and humour resulting in a tense courtroom drama that makes you think twice and thrice. It stars the great Charles Laughton as the lawyer who is defending a young man, played by Tyrone Power in one of his best roles. Marlene Dietrich plays his wife who does not seem to love her husband that much. This film keeps you guessing especially where Laughton's character hides his cigars.


I saw this film many years ago and need to revisit this. We all know Al Pacino's rant( "you're out of order, you're out of order, we're all out of order!) but this film really digs into the judicial system and the people who are convicted and the others who are freed mainly due to technicalities. We also know that nothing has changed in 40 years. A gripping film that makes you think.


This is another film that left me cold with how cruel the system can be, yet there is a ray of hope. Paul Newman plays an alcoholic, once promising attorney who now chases ambulances. He takes a case he thinks will be simple but turns out to be anything but and finds, within himself, the reason he became a lawyer in the first place. He is up against major lawyers headed by the great James Mason and you are left wondering if anything will work and that justice will be served.

What films spring to your mind? I didn't choose To Kill a Mockingbird which is amazing but it don't consider it a thriller. I almost picked Runaway Jury...almost:)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year....2016....Remembrances

I am just so amazed how fast 2016  has gone by. I have had not so great things happen, which you have heard me whine about, but I have had fun times also which I am happy to say I shared with family, friends and my hubby.

The New Year will bring highs and lows as per norm in our own lives and on a global scale. There will be shocks but also the mundane and we can get through all this from watching funny YouTube animal videos. There will also be people we know well from the media who will pass away and I hope it will not be as many as this past year. I am honouring 10 people that I like and could have gone further but I chose the ten below with a film clip that you watch...or not ( although I hope you do) to represent their work. I chose more the move/tv people than some of the great musicians or sports people because I know this area best. I no diddly squat about sports and surprise myself that I know how baseball works.  We have lost some that I won't talk about but mention like Garry Shandling, Michele Morgan, Ken Howard, Gary Marshall, William Schallert, Bernard Fox, Gloria DeHaven and so on.

In memory of some greats, I pay my humble respect...


He is known first as an amazing singer, entertainer but he was so much more..a true advent-Garde artist who kept pushing the boundaries. His final work is true art and I loved watching his videos where one was done in his hospital room. He was also quite good in films and we all remember him whether he was the man in Labyrinth or the androgynous figure from his Ziggy Stardust days. We will never see his style again. I didn't place it here but I would go and check out Lazarus (the video).


I fell in lust, hubba-hubba, love with this man when I first saw him in the film, Truly, Madly, Deeply. We all know his as Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series but he already did so much in film and theatre that this was just another huge notch on his resume. He first gained recognition in North America when he played the nut terrorist in Die Hard and then the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham in the dreck flick Robin Hood(starring Kevin Costner). He could play so many characters from these nasties to the romantic( Sense and Sensibility) to comedy (Galaxy Quest). He is someone We will all miss, from his great acting to that wonderful voice.


This man often played mean brutes early on in his career but he gain prominence and an Oscar playing a convict in Cool Hand Luke. He would play cops as well  and  other characters who held some position to make changes. He starred in all the Airport films( there were 4 and not to be confused with Airplane) and as the sidekick to Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun series. He made many films, some are great (The Dirty Dozen) and some are horrible ( Bolero) but he was always professional and a genuine nice man.


Here is a Young gal who won awards for her amazing performance as the child Helen Keller  and gained prominence playing twins on the Patty Duke Show ( with William Schallert as her dad) only  to disappear from the public for quite some time. She came back with a book called, "Call Me Anna"'  talking about her abusive Guardians and her battle with bi-polar disorder. She was one of the first stars to talk candidly about this disease making it known that it is not something vile but something  we should all understand. She is right since we all know someone who has this disorder or we ourselves, suffer from this. I am blessed that I don't but I know people who have and I consider them very brave.


This man, with his crazy hair, made us laugh and we found him endearing especially when he fell in love and married Gilda Radner. He was our manic genius who not only could act but wrote/co-wrote some of the best films that make me laugh out loud every time I watch them. We find him fun if not a bit sinister in Willy Wonka (not creepy like Johnny Depp) and his work with Mel Brooks is legendary . He also had a great partner in Richard Pryor and they made 4 fun films together. He is another great star that passed surprisingly and made us feel very sad when we heard the news.


Now here is a man that we all recognize  but had no idea that he had such a long career in film and in TV. He was part of the 7 in The Magnificent 7 and won an Oscar nod for The Young Philadelphians but we also know him as Napoleon Solo in the TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. He was even in Coronation Street and loved acting. Whether he played someone sympathetic or a bit slimy, he was memorable.


I watch Dancing With The Stars and she was at the finale since she was in the audience for just about every show and was even one of the stars one year. It was a shock, for me, to hear that, the next day, she suffered a heart attack and died. We all thought Mrs. Brady would always live on and we loved her with that show, The Brady Bunch, plus we would often gasp and giggle when we would see her on Politically Incorrect or in a Weird Al video. She was also an accomplished soprano who played Maria Von Trapp  in the Sound of Music as well as other heroines from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical. I know most people think of Carol Brady as I do but I was blown away by her singing in The Song of Norway...not a great movie by any means but loved her voice and the scenery.


Oh Darling, how could I not place her here. I almost didn't since she was more a star for the cameras than a film star but you have to love the Gabor sisters in all the fur, jewels and Hungarian best. She was in some great movies like Gigi  but she also played in films like The Queen From Outer Space. She is more known for her 9 marriages, her love of the camera and slapping a cop. She had an over the top marriage with the great George Sanders (who also married her sister Magda) and she considered him her true love although who knows with her. Before the Kardashians, there were the Gabor sisters and they can't be beat.


Talk about a shock! She is Princess Leia and she should not have died! She was coming home from London to spend time with her family at Christmas when she suffered the severe heart attack dying on the 27th. Now, if all we know her for is for Princess Leia, that would be enough, but this lady had brains! She was born into celebrity since her parents were Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. She had to grow up in the limelight and had to deal with all that comes with it. Unfortunately, she got into drugs but she did clean herself up and found out she was bi-polar. Instead of keeping this secret, she became an advocate, like  Patty Duke, about the disease and was very frank about her life. Although she had an up and down relationship with her mom at times, later, they were each other's rock, I believe, and she was with her mom often in the last few years making sure her mom was ok in the last year. I used the clip above to showcase her wit and intelligence. If you don't watch any of the others, watch this one.


One day after her daughter (Carrie Fisher) passed away, Debbie suffered a massive stroke while making funeral arrangements for her beloved daughter. The last thing her son heard her say was "I wish I could be with Carrie". How sad for her son to find his mom 15 minutes later, unresponsive, just after losing his sister. It is a bittersweet ending to 2 great people from the same family. Debbie became most prominent from playing the female lead in Singing in the Rain but her star kept rising from there and she played in a variety of roles from the film Tammy and the Bachelor to the Unsinkable Molly Brown which, I had heard her say, years ago, that this was her favourite role. She was also known to have loved Hollywood and its history and bought up many costumes and props when MGM sold many of their memorabilia. Unfortunately, she had to sell off all she collected years later when she filed for bankruptcy. This lady knew her ups and downs but she was a consummate performer who was loved.

Sad notes but I wish to say, we will see more go this coming year but let's hope we all have a happy and healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Coming Home

This is the last theme for this year and we are all here to read about it or pick our favourite (or non favourite) for this week. As I'm writing this, thinking of 2 of the films I will use, the 3rd comes on TV! It is an obvious choice but never crossed my mind until I hear the music. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I was behind and wrapping Christmas Eve which was pathetic but at least it got all done and it was wonderful. Now, the theme this week is about Coming Home and there are many films that can fit this bill but these are my 3. If you wish to know what the others have picked, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone else has chosen. The The list for next year have already been picked so if you wish to join, just start Next Thursday. By the way Happy New Year!!


This is the movie I am re-watching right now when I should be in bed but I am late in writing this and I am enjoying this movie. I wonder if there is anyone who has not seen this film. It's all about a young girl, named Dorothy, who sings about being over the rainbow and after a tornado, ends up there or so she believes. She kills the wicked witch of the East by accident when Dorothy's house falls on top of  the meanie. Glenda, the good witch, places the Ruby shoes onto Dorothy's feet which just pisses off The Wicked Witch of the West. During Dorothy's trip down the yellow brick road she meets a Scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion who all decide to venture to the Emerald City to meet the great and powerful Oz. Personally, I always thought Glenda was a smarmy bitch, I mean, she could have told her from the get go that she could go home. I mean, after seeing the munchkins, I would have believed without that long trip:)


This does not show the war at all but, yet, you experience all the horrors of it through the 3 men who are coming home. We meet them on the plane as they are coming back from the war and all have reservations coming back to their family, their job and resuming their lives as if nothing changed.  One man is a banker with a wonderful family, another was a hero and an officer who returns to a slutty wife and his job as a soda jerk. The third, a true real life war veteran who lost both his hands in the war, is coming home to his family and his fiancĂ©e and is wondering how they will have to deal with someone crippled by the war. This is a powerful statement, not only on the war but on how families were affected, PTSD, coming home to jobs that no longer seem fulfilling. This is a powerful film, brilliantly acted and one of the best films dealing with men who have trouble fitting back into society.


I am expecting this film to be big this week and with good reason, it's brilliant! Every time I watch this film, it makes me miss John Candy even more. This is so funny, sweet, sentimental and it has heart. Steve Martin plays an uptight advertising man who is trying to get back home to Chicago but due to a major snowfall, his plane is diverted to Wichita with the amiable doofus, John Candy in tow. Somehow, the uptight, neat Neal Page becomes partners with the huge, slobby Del Griffith to get home to Chicago. I can watch this film over and over again and it never fails to make me laugh. The music is brilliantly juxtaposed with some great scenes that can only be seen to be appreciated. There are also many great lines("those aren't pillows!) that leave you laughing and the ending makes you tear least it does for me.

I will be doing a post on Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds. This is so very sad especially for their loved ones left behind.

Let's hope the New Year will not be as big a year for famous deaths. Regardless, I wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with love, health and happiness.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Parties

Christmas is almost here...ready to bring cheer...or at least some beer...I'm rhyming like Pat Hatt, I fear:) OK, feeling giddy and I have not had a drop of anything fun. This week it is all about parties and I am staying away from something icky like "4 Christmasses" and even away from the hilarious, The Hangover (chicken included..what was it about that chicken??-hahahaaa) and went swingin' 60's this week. This Movie Pick theme is the brainchild of Wandering Through the Shelves and I dare ya to join in one day or just venture over to see what the others have picked. Here are my 3...


This is one of my favourite comedies and it is a tour de force  performance by the great Peter Sellers who stole the show from the star David Niven. Sellers plays Inspector Clouseau who takes his wife to Northern Italy for a ski holiday which is a ruse since he believes the Phantom, a famous jewel thief, will also be there to steal the famous Pink Panther diamond. Clouseau has no clue that his wife is having an affair with the thief and is his fence. The thief's nephew comes to visit and quickly wants in on his Uncle's business. It ends in Rome at a huge masquerade ball where you have gorillas, a Knight and a zebra all chasing one another through the streets. It's priceless entertainment and the music is great with Fran Jeffries, who just recently passed away singing a sexy song called "It had better be tonight".


Oh, this is Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello playing fun loving kids...who look more like they should have teens of their own, frolicking on the beach having a great time partying, swimming, surfing, dancing and sky-diving. There is a sexy blonde babe, pre-dynasty Linda Evans, a mermaid, Don Rickles, Buster Keaton and the legendary (in his own mind) Eric Von Zipper and his rat pack bike gang. All there films are fun and silly and very g-rated.... too bad they don't get much air play any more.

3. THE PARTY-1968

I need to see some Jacques Tati films because this film seems to be playing homage to this famous French film director. There isn't too much of a plot but Peter Sellers knows how to improvise and create a great under-rated film. He plays an Indian actor who somehow blows up the film set by accident and is fired. By mistake the studio head writes the actor's name down as one of the guests to his wife's party instead of the blacklist. Sellers ends up at the party and he starts mingling with everyone at the party creating one disaster after another where many people end up in the pool, covered in suds while a baby elephant wanders around. To say the home gets destroyed would be an understatement. It is a comedic dream in my book and worth watching.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Feeling Funky Junky

I can't believe I am getting in under the wire, but I am! I have been crazy busy decorating last week and I do a lot of decorating! Last night I finished my final five tags for the 12 tags of Christmas over at the Funkie Junkie site. I really enjoyed making these tags and was very inspired by her creative works. She also has her own Boutique-the Funkie Junkie Boutique which is quite neat and I want to spend tons of money...but I can't:). So, without further ado (is that how to spell that it slang? I am getting a sick headache), here are my final tags.


I loved creating this Victorian style tag with an angel (I love angels). I had no stamp for the lamplight so I drew it by hand and cut it out. I stamped and fussy cut the holly leaves and the rose and pieced everything together with some added bling. Head on over the Funkie Junkie to see her original work and others who were inspired.


I love this tag if i do say so myself:). I used some green distress dies to darken the green tag. I stamped a little Christmas stamp and embossed in gold and also stamped along the edges and stamped that in Egyptian gold for some extra glitter. I used my sizzex for the cutout, added the greeting sticker with a bow and a star. Head over to the Funkie Junkie to see some extra wonderment:)


I love the Funkie Junkie's tag on this one so I did my best and I think I did ok with this one. I used some very pretty ribbon and laid down some cardstock on top to set my snowflake, filigree thingy and black piece on top. The snowflake and filigree thingy are punches. I took my white pen and added the dots plus the writing on the black pieces.


Over at The Funkie Junkie, her style is more country and so very pretty, maybe I went more rock and roll:) (Any Donny & Marie fans out there??). I love shiny and glitter (I must have been a magpie in a previous life) so I used some red shiny paper and a gold decal. I used my sizzex for the ornament cut out, placed  the Christmas saying sticker on, added pearls, lace stars and gold stickles.


The last tag but I think it turned out to be quite pretty even though I was a bit bleary eyed by this point. Over at the Funkie Junkie, her tag is so beautiful so I emulated it as best as I could. I, again, used darker green ink pads and sponged them on with a hint of brown on the edges. I used my evergreen stamp and embossed it with white snow glitter for the background. The bottom part was added and I sponged on some gold and used the Egyptian gold powder for embossing. I stamped the Merry Christmas stamp, added the Noel in letter stickers. I inserted a piece of white card stock to make it look like a letter is in the pouch and added 2 punches of leaves that are also glittered up. A few crystals are the final additions to this final tag!

If there are some spelling/grammar mistakes, please overlook them.